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'The Grand Yurt is an artwork in its own right'

Our Grand Yurt has been lovingly handmade using traditional, environmentally friendly techniques passed down through generations of craftsmen to create an exquisite venue for your special occasion. Our desire to accommodate is matched by the Grand Yurt which, chameleon-like, can provide a wall-less aerated 'yurtopia', with the warm Summer's sun twinkling through it's coloured peak to create a kaleidoscope during your perfect 120-guest wedding dinner. It then seamlessly transforms into a natural, quirky, and intimate space for 250 happy revellers to celebrate your joyous union, whether they are dancing the funky chicken on our dance floor, reminiscing about the best man's hilarious speech around one of our wood-burning stoves or propping up our bespoke bar.


The Herf Grand Yurt’s interior is a joy for the eye to behold with the pristine canvas framed by the exquisite ash poles which are hand crafted to accentuate their natural beauty and further complimented by the hazel trellis walls. Whether left plain to enjoy the glorious grain of the locally and responsibly sourced wood or decorated with an array of flowers and lighting the Herf Grand Yurt shines on every occasion. Equally, the distinctive architecture of the curvaceous Herf Grand Yurt with its protruding domed peak provides an attractive vocal point wherever it is. Whilst providing a serenely natural look during the day, the Herf Grand Yurt bursts into life during the night when lights of your choosing cascade through the translucent canvas, from the vibrant performance of dancing disco lights to the warm gentle glow of an orange beacon on the landscape. Both internally and externally the Herf Grand Yurt is beautiful to look at in every setting.


We can also offer a wide variety of internal decoration in order to create the perfect setting to suit your tastes.

We can provide:


  • furniture

  • lighting

  • linings

  • electrics

  • bars

  • flooring  


Some of our regular arrangements include fairy light canopies creating a wonderful starlit roof, up-lighters shining over the walls (coloured if you desire) as well as dramatic central chandeliers. We can provide various flooring options from natural fleck dandydura matting, your choice of carpet, coconut coir matting as well as a magnificent wooden floor that is being lovingly hand made as we speak.


Additionally, we have a range of the following to suit you:


  • dance floors 

  • stage

  • bars

  • chairs

  • tables 

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